Corporate Coaching Support

With Martin Seville, Empowerment Coach

Would you like to improve productivity, reduce sick leave and lower staff turnover?  

Would your employees benefit from proven, practical ways to manage work and hours more effectively whilst reducing Stress?

Would you and your employees like to know more about managing Stress?

If so, I'd be delighted to help you, and tailor options for you and your employees, using the powerful prinicples of the Signature Programme: The Hero's Journey.

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What Corporate support can include

A tailored range of educational and practical group, 1:1 and event sessions to choose from, which focus on key stress and anxiety issues employees experience in your business; delivered by a professional coach who can genuinely empathise with the employee and employer impact of a fast paced and demanding environment.

The Hero's Journey

What about a group of up to 15 employees going through the Signature Hero's Journey Programme as part of Personal Development and Wellbeing?

Group sessions

Whether at lunch and learns, department meetings, team days or executive training, group sessions are a great way to engage, inspire and improve the wellbeing and understanding of a wide range of employees.

Proven Strategies

Employees will receive proven strategies to recognise, manage and overcome workplace stress and worry. 


Standalone or as part of wider sessions, employees can better understand the natural process of stress and anxiety.

Inspirational Speaking

With mental health and wellbeing high on the agenda today, what better way to inspire action than through a powerful and emotional Story that shows the journey from low level stress, overwhelm, breakdown, recovery and enlightenment. 

Personal Development

Scheduled or drop in, 1:1 or group, sessions can be offered to support development or practical issues. For example, support on managing To-Do-Lists or work hours. 

Follow Up

Follow up check-ins to group sessions are a great way to share experience, embed strategies and show genuine ongoing interest in employee wellbeing.

Martin Seville

Why Martin?

"I'm a passionate coach who worked in the Financial Services industry for 20 years, in a variety of pension and investment customer and product management roles. I managed people and projects at a departmental, divisional, cross brand and industry level. I also designed, implemented and managed Colleague Engagement and Wellbeing programmes. 

I, therefore, have an intimate knowledge of the demanding corporate world. This enables me to have incredible empathy with employees and employers. When combined with 10 years' experience of Depression and Generalised Anxiety, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life Coaching certification I'm in a privileged position to support and understand workers and employers with the increasingly common stress and anxiety concerns they face."

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Below are some powerful employee and employer facts to illustrate today's corporate environment.

Cost to business

Mental health problems at work cost the UK economy £34.9bn in 2016 (Centre for Mental Health).

Mental health cost breakdown

£10.6bn - sick leave. £21.2bn - reduced productivity. £3.1bn - replacing leavers. (Centre for Mental Health)

Stress related absence

1,000,000 UK employees miss work each day because of stress (2015 Employee Engagement Report).

Manager training 

Fewer than one in four managers receive training on dealing with employees with mental health issues (Mental Health at Work Report 2017). 

Most common work related mental health issues

1. Psychological (depression, anxiety, panic) (40%). 2. Behavioural & Physical (appetite, irritability, mood swings, blood pressure, dizziness, headaches) (37%). (EssentialSkillz 2015)  


Mental health in the workplace

60% of workers have experienced mental health issues in the past year because of work (Mental Health at Work Report 2017).

Unpaid work

Every year in the UK, employees give their employers more than £31.5bn and 68 days of unpaid work (Totally Money and Trades Union Congress)

Too much work

70% of workers feel they have too much work to complete each week (2015 Employee Engagement Report).

Working hours and health

Working long hours is directly linked to:

33% increase in the chance of a stroke. 13% increase in the chance of heart disease. (Medical Research Council)

Most common causes of work-related stress in the UK

1. Job reorganisation or job insecurity (80%). 2. Hours worked or work overload (78%). (EssentialSkillz 2015)

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