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About Martin


Martin has 20 years' experience of working in the fast paced, high pressure and heavily regulated Financial Services industry.

In this time, he successfully set up and managed new departments, implemented industry leading customer focused programmes, managed multi-company projects, launched and enhanced propositions, written industry best practice guides and led colleague engagement and morale programmes. Responsible for millions of clients and £billions of investments and profits, Martin was certainly operating at a high level. Outwardly things looked good.


Whilst managing the demands of corporate life, however, for over 10 years Martin was silently battling Severe Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Insomnia. Tracing his journey back to early low level stress, this built to the worst, incapacitating levels of Depression and Anxiety. In 2016 Martin ultimately lost all hope in himself and in life. It was one off the cuff conversation with his wife that saved Martin's life. It was a long and difficult recovery back from his darkest moments, but he now thrives full of the life lessons that a fifth, yes a fifth, chance of life has gifted him.

Life beyond illness

After leaving the Financial Services industry, Martin qualified in the therapy that had helped him recover and in Life Coaching. He then set up Empathy Coaching to specifically support colleagues in the Business World who are struggling with stress and overwhelm. He does this to help those who do not have access to the type of support Martin was lucky enough to ultimately receive and to help people avoid reaching the more extreme levels of Depression and Anxiety that he experienced.

Martin has since studied under world leading coaches like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Ted McGrath, as well as immersing himself with other world class development and inspirational coaches like Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Lewis Howes, Tom Bilyeu and Adam Brooks. He has a thirst and love for learning the success clues from those who are making a significant positive impact in the world, so he can serve his clients at the very highest level.

Now Martin has added more brands to his business, including Extraordinary Times and Extreme Confidence, is an Amazon Influencer Partner, a strategic partner with Tony and Dean for their Knowledge Broker Blueprint, has his own Success Leave Online Store, is a sought after speaker on the world stage and a published author!

To say Martin's life took off once he discovered his life purpose is an understatement.


Martin therefore has invaluable insight - and indeed Empathy - with not only the many business areas, pressures, deadlines and change that happens in the Corporate World, but also of simultaneously dealing with stress and mental illness while raising a family, and now of setting up businesses, speaking, writing and breaking through anything that dares try to hold him back!

With his thirst for knowledge and access to the very best in the world, Martin is passionate about combining the decades of experience and wisdom of his coaches and mentors with his own to create something incredibly powerful and unique.

Oh, and if you hadn't guessed yet, he's also a total nerd and lover of the Extreme!

Living proof

Martin is passionate about championing Mental Health. He knows how lonely and difficult life is when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, low and anxious; but he also knows that with the right step by step support, with someone who cares and understands, you can cope, you can change, and you can have the life you desire.

Martin ultimately wants his story to bring Hope to millions of people across the world. There is always something you haven't tried, always a conversation you haven't had, always someone you haven't spoken to.

Whether you need support with the stress of unmanageable workload, want to build your confidence, are looking to live an Extraordinary Life with purpose or just love the thrill and inspiration of live events and extreme confidence experiences, Martin is well prepared to help you.

Martin lives with his wife and two sons in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in the UK.

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