About Empathy Coaching

Empathy Coaching

- 20 years in the making -

Empathy Coaching is the result of one man’s life’s work and his personal struggle with mental illness ...

Martin Seville has 20 years’ successful experience of working in the Financial Services industry and 10 years first-hand experience of dealing with Severe Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Martin, therefore, has a valuable insight - and indeed Empathy- into not only the pressures of the Financial Services industry and the fast paced, demanding Corporate world; but also of dealing with this whilst raising a family and coping with low mood, depression and anxiety both professionally and privately.

Having now left the Financial Services industry, Martin is dedicating his time to supporting colleagues in the demanding corporate environments he knows so well. He wishes to bring all of his knowledge and experience - of Coaching, Counselling, Therapy, Psychiatric support, Flexible working and supplemental Diplomas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life Coaching - to those who need it. 

Martin is passionate about supporting people and championing Mental Health. He knows how lonely and difficult life is when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, low and anxious; but he also knows that with the right step by step support, with someone who cares and understands, you can cope, you can change and you can have the life you desire.

Therefore Martin set up Empathy Coaching in 2017; where he can focus and share his experience through online support, workplace sessions, personally written resources, web talks, 1:1 and group coaching programmes. 

Martin lives with his wonderful wife and two sons in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire, UK.