1:1 Coaching Programme

With Martin Seville, Empowerment Coach

Do you work in a demanding Corporate environment or mange your Own Business?

Would you love to feel calm again, leave work at the door, have more control of your life … be happier?

If so, I invite you to join me, on a personally tailored coaching programme, specifically designed for you.  

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What this programme includes

A confidential and trust based space where you can discuss your stresses and anxieties with a professional coach who will genuinely empathise with your demanding coporate working life and provide you with proven and personally tested strategies and insights.

Personal 1:1's

Twelve one hour Coaching sessions (over a four month period), on days and at times to fit your schedule.

Weekly Outcomes

You will receive the outcomes and actions from our 1:1 sessions, for you to refer to.

Proven Activities

You will receive proven activities, including those in The Hero's Journey Programme, to try between sessions. Some will help understanding and others will introduce coping strategies.

Direct Access

Support isn't limited to our sessions. You can send me any questions or queries you have between sessions.


You will receive information to help your understanding of stress, anxiety and mood.

Follow Up

Four weeks after your programme finishes, you're offered a free one hour 1:1 with me to reflect, discuss how things are and ask any questions.

A word from Martin

"My passion for coaching comes from a deeply personal place. For 10 years I struggled with Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, whilst juggling a corporate career and family. The 3 years I spent building my recovery were life changing and life saving. I'm now driven to help as many people as I can who are experiencing what I went through; knowing that most don't have the support available that I had. Well, I'm here to say you don't need to go through this alone, you can cope and you will recover. I'm living proof and I'm here for you."

Is this coaching programme for me?

To help you decide, let me clarify a few things.

Aimed at:

Men and Women in demanding business environments, who feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

Helps balance: 

Your career and life, in a way you are comfortable with.

Gives you:

The understanding of what happens to your body and why during periods of stress and anxiety.

Helps you to:

Feel calm, more in control and confident enough to put yourself first. 

Helps to restore:

The belief that you are good enough.

Helps identify: 

Your triggers for stress or anxiety and how to manage them.

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